The Central Jewish Objection To The Claims About Jesus

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In this video Rabbi Yisroel Blumenthal and Rabbi Eli Cohen discuss Jewish objections to the Christian claims about Jesus. Can one who walks the earth, be the Creator of the Earth? Jeremiah 10:11

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  1. Very much enjoyed the video.. will have to watch others.

    Can a Watch Maker not wear a watch? – then I was thinking about Moses – where GOD passed by him. And GOD came in the _form_ of wind to speak to one of HIS prophets. Angels would come in human form – but the Creator Can’t. Did not GOD dwell among the people in the Desert with Moses? I feel that this is a logicly complaint and not TORAH based. Does the TORAH state GOD can’t do this? Where!

    Jesus has brought people to the Knowledge of the Hebrew. If it was not for Him walking the earth and teaching about GOD and the law of Moses – I would not know the Hebrew GOD. Who would have shared HIM to the world?

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