Our Teachers

Our teachers represent a variety of Rabbis and teachers of Torah instruction. We are pleased that prominent Rabbis have committed to teach Torah lessons to the nations. You will find that each one of these teachers have their own method of teaching which brings honor to the word of G-D.


Ira Michaelson

Ira was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and attended Bnai Israel an Orthodox Shul led by one of the trailblazers of the “kiruv” movement, Rav  Avner Geman  zt”l.  Unfortunately, as a young man Ira was drawn away from traditional Judaism and succumbed to the missionary message. This former Hebrew Christian leader brings over twenty years of experience in various Christian groups. This gives him a fresh perspective on tactics used by the major Hebrew Christian organizations used to convert Jews to Christianity. He now works tirelessly to keep Jews Jewish, and to bring rectification and unification to the Jewish community.His passion for Torah and Tikun Olam (repair of the world) is what has driven him to launch the Torah Threads website. Ira is currently the “Outreach Coordinator” for Jews4Judaim East , www.j4jeast.org




Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith

Rabbi Moshe is currently Mayor of Itamar in Israel and internationally known Torah teacher.  Rabbi Moshe has a strong conviction that all in the nations benefit from the study of Torah.  He has been the spiritual guide and Torah teacher for young jewish High school students in Itamar.  He has embarked in a courageous journey to share the wisdom of torah to the nations.  Rabbi Moshe’s intimate and personal style of teaching allows the student to feel loving kindness while learning Torah.


Rabbi Abraham Greenbaum


Rabbi Greenbaum gained his MA in classics and social sciences at Cambridge University. As a Harkness Fellow he studied at Harvard and Columbia, after which he spent four years as a BBC Radio news commentator and producer.

A lifelong yearning for spirituality led to his return to Torah. In 1980 Rabbi Greenbaum moved to Israel with his wife and family and settled in Jerusalem, where he was ordained in 1988. He maintains the Azamra website, and teaches at the Tiferet Study Center in Jerusalem and on tour throughout Israel, Britain, USA and Canada. Rabbi Greenbaum is the director of Azamra in Jerusalem.  He also provides rabbinical oversite for Netiv Center For Torah Study in Houston, Texas.




R. D. Bryant

Passionate about teaching torah to the nations Rod teaches with simple clarity for the person who has not studied Torah.  With a Masters of Divinity and B.S in Family counseling from Houston Graduate School of theology and over 30 years of teaching, his insight  into concepts of Torah are communicated with upmost integrity.  Rod (Reuven Dovid) is Executive director of Netiv Center for Torah Study in Houston, Texas and Student of Rabbi Abraham.


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