MYSTICAL MEANING of the HEBREW ALPHABET 1 of 4 – Rabbi Michael Skobac – Jews for Judaism

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Rabbi Skobac in his teaching on the mystical meaning of the Hebrew alphabet connects with Lashon HaKodesh, the holy language, and gives us a better understanding of the importance our language plays in the life of every Jew.


  1. Interesting to study all the different aspects of each letter. Enjoyed the adam, adamah, and what the alef in front indicates. Excited to continue in this series…

    Not over-excited about the numerology, but there are just too many interesting facts to be coincidences. G-dincidences, perhaps…

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    • In Physics, chemistry lecture halls, 30 or 40 years ago (dont know about today)
      they would say….”G-d is a Mathematician or…in Nature ….all is Number.
      What the Gematria and the coincidences have led me to believe is that all is one….if you think about it long enough

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