Jewish New Year Message 5775

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In his Jewish New Year Message for 5775 Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith of Itamar shares a message focused on Hannah and Rachel.


  1. working with christians…learning, studying christianity, i guess thoroughly….did you find ….as compared to Judaism
    did you find Christianity…simplistic, at times boring…as compared to Judaism being …profound…deep… and even including reading the Hassidic Tales…exciting at times ?
    Gregory Glavinovich

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    • Greg,

      Thanks for your questions. I never considered anything Jewish as boring. As a matter of fact to answer several questions at once, I chased a girl into a church. While there, it seemed odd to me that there were Gentiles trying to teach other Gentiles about Judaism, when clearly they were clueless.

      In my current Outreach work I find that most people, including myself, have one of two stories. People like myself, who grew up with Yiddishkeit are often turned off by someone in the synagogue. It can be a Rabbi or other leader that causes someone to disconnect. The other individual is simply someone who grows up in a secular Jewish home, with no Yiddishkeit. They have no defense for the Christian message. At the end of the day, the Christian missionaries have done a far better job of presenting a warm, loving, and accepting environment.

      BTW, I am just a simple Yid, not a Rabbi.

      Kol Tuv,

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