Is Jesus Prophesied in the Jewish Scriptures? The Debate!

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Rabbi Tovia Singer debates Pastor Humber on the subject “Is Jesus Prophesied in the Jewish Scriptures.” They debate the plurality of G-d as taught by Christianity, as well as relevant passages like Isaiah 53. 


  1. Oh!!! baby, this is how you respond to Moron Missionaries! Mazal Tov, Barouch Hashem!!! Thank you Ira for sharing this! Love Love Love it!

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  2. I had a similar discussion, so here are my thoughts on the issue.

    Jesus lived and died a Jew. I believe there was only one time in History where a whole nation received something from God, and that was the Jewish nation at Mt. Sinai where Moses brought down the 10 commandments. This does not make the Jews any better or worse than any others. However, it does impose upon them a responsibility to the world. Maybe Jesus was preaching that this responsibility is not being fulfilled. Nonetheless, he never set out to create a new religion. I may be wrong but I think that was done by the Apostle Paul. Therefore, I am trying to fulfill my responsibility as a Jew to do as many good deeds as possible which are delineated in the Torah . I live by these rules and do not follow any others.

    Only the best,

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