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  1. Excellent presentation.Everything you said, was right on. One thing I believe that is necessary to stopping the assimulation process, is Torah helps, that go beyond the parashas weekly summary. Torah helps that would encourage individual Torah study.
    Torah dictionaries in Hebrew and English. Not all Jewish youth know Hebrew.
    As the christian King James Bible (red letter addition) print Torah books and Tanachs, that have the Words of Hashem and His commands not so much highlighted, by typed in a different color.
    Jewish resources in English.
    We have to be better in literature distribution, better in media,better in community involvement. As we are well aware, you don’t go to a gunfight with a stick. Above all we have to pray to Hashem. Asking Hashem to confound they’re plans and disrupt their design. Thank-you for your time and effort. Hashem bless you and keep you.

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  2. A blessing to hear. And yes so many have fallen prey.
    Hashem bless you for sharing. Would love to post this on all the messianic congregations websites.

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  3. Excellent teaching and testimony. Thank you, Thank you so much for your testimony.

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