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In this video presentation, Ira Michaelson speaks on Acquiring Zeal from the Ramchal’s Path of the Just. The main theme is the distinction between the silence of Noach and the Torah of Avraham. Zeal is a concept that can mean many things, and have both position and negative connotations. We are meant to acquire zeal for Torah and mitzvot.

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In this week’s episode of Treasures from the Tanakh we continue our study of the book of Job. This week we have the first speeches of the mysterious character Elihu. Unlike Job’s friends, he does not deal with Job as an unrepentant sinner, but as one who has sinned in his attitude toward G-d. Job has been looking for a mediator, and he may have finally found one.

“If there be for him an angel, a mediator, one of the thousand, to declare to man what is right for him, and he is merciful to him, and says, ‘Deliver him from going down into the pit; I have found a ransom. “– Job 33:23-24

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